About GRF

Global Relations Forum is an independent, non-partisan foreign policy think tank focused on India’s international relations. Established in 2015 as Pune’s first think tank, GRF provides innovative thinking and astute analysis of key debates surrounding India’s international relatfunny persuasive essay topicsions and global affairs. Central to GRF���s work is India’s growing global role in an emerging multipolar world order. GRF’s geographic focus is consolidated through its seven departments: Multilateral Issues, Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa and India’s foreign policy.

GRF also leads research on the United Nations and multilateral issues. The current era is witnessing a transformation of the Western-led global order into a new emerging multipolar world order; one within which India, like other emerging powers, plays a central role. Global Relations Forum finds it essential to assess the impact India has and could have on multilateralism as an architect of the emerging international system.

Thematically, Global relations Forum’s research focuses on political and security issues, trade, development, cooperation and a reshaping global order. In addition being a think tank based outside the Indian capital, Global Relations Forum assesses the increasing role Indian statgreat gatsby expository essayes play in India’s foreign policy. Global Relations Forum’s international team and its researchers’ strong intellectual backgrounds contribute to its cutting edge analysis.

Global Relations Forum is also India’s first think tank to have an international branch in Brussels, Belgium.