Dr. Roopmati Khandekar

Dr. Roopmati Khandekar is founder and Executive Director of Global Relations Forum based in its Pune office.

Dr Khandekar is a renowned expert on the United Nations and its reform process having authored numerous books, chapters and articles on the same. Her latest books on the UN include United Nations: The Reforms Process (2012) and United Nations and the Norm of R2P (2014). She has a wide range of professional experience in international affairs, having worked in various positions at the United Nations headquarters in New York: with the Decolonisation Unit in the Department of Political Affairs, with the General Assembly’s Special Committee on Decolonization and at the UNESCO Liaision office. She has been closely involved in UN activities in particularly the UN Millennium Development Goals focusing on welfare facilities in Tanzania and the Haiti relief operations. Khandekar has more than ten years’ experience in development issues having worked as Director at welfare organization-Sarathi.

She obtained her Ph.D on the United Nations reform process at the University of Pune and her M.Phil in international political economy focused on Argentina’s IMF crisis. She has a Master’s degree in international relations and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Beyond the UN, Roopmati has written widely on the EU and India’s foreign policy and international relations. Her forthcoming books include Dragon in the Hills: an Analysis of the Chinese intervention in the waters of north east India (2015) and Modi’s Foreign Policy (2016).

Khandekar’s research interests include the UN and its reforms, emerging countries and the reform of global governance, the new global order, evolution of international norms at the UN level: humanitarian intervention and the responsibility to protect, India’s foreign and security policy, China, international political economy and international organisations.