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The Refugee Crisis – A solely European problem?
By (05/01/2016)

Over the past 2 years, Europe has struggled monumentally to manage the large influx of refugees – over 681,713 refugees arrived on its shores in 2015 alone. Dubbed the European refugee crisis, the predicament has become so powerful it has threatened to unravel the very fundamentals of the EU: political and economic integration, solidarity and freedom of movement. Even though the current European refugee crisis might appear unsurmountable, other countries across the world are experiencing a greater influx of refugees at their borders. Other regions have not fared much better though, with the exception of the United States (US) which permanently resettles the largest number of refugees in the world. Overall, global attitudes to refugees and illegal immigrants have worsened.

Preventing another ‘Paris’ or ‘Mumbai’ style of attacks
By (12/01/2015) Opinion

Following the Paris attacks of Nov 13, Europe has been on edge. Army and armed police presence on the streets is becoming the new normal as European leaders ponder on even more security measures including air strikes in Syria. The social impact of the attacks at home has clearly been high as day to day life has been seriously disrupted and fear amongst the public is growing. European capitals and cities can not expect to have a perpetual armed presence on the streets. Nor can response to this guerrilla style of terrorist attacks clearly be traditional or external.The response to such attacks has to be technological advanced.