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Spreadsheets are frequently the go to tool for collecting and organizing data, which is among the simplest of its uses. Information can easily be placed in neat columns and rows and then sorted by information type. By adding macros, Google Sheets continues to grow into a viable alternative to Excel for most spreadsheet users.

Still, it’s not the leading alternative for analyzing extensive amounts of data; compared to Excel it’s great at delivering beautiful visualizations but not for conducting a comprehensive financial analysis. Fluency with spreadsheets and data analysis is essential in any accounting role, and is covered indepth in our AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma. To find out more about becoming a qualified accountant, get in touch.

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LibreOffice is very user-friendly in its approach, with native support for Excel files and a healthy number of templates to save time. But with so many spreadsheet apps, you want to find the one that’s right for the kinds of tasks you’ll be tackling.

While small business owners and those new to accounting can find it difficult to track payments, spreadsheets offer a simple solution. EtherCalc is a web-based spreadsheet tool that doesn’t even require you to sign up for an account.

Formerly named Actuate e.Spreadsheet, this downloadable application is quite a powerful companion when you need to automate and centralize spreadsheet production, maintenance, archiving, and security. The BIRT bundle also includes Free BIRT Spreadsheet Designer – an easy-to-use report writer for creating authentic Excel files and reports that retain formulas, formatting, live charts and data connections. Scoro is an innovative data analytics tool that allows you to integrations with third-party applications and software enabling data to be imported to one place. If you’re looking for a new way of understanding your data, you should consider Scoro.

  • Like Excel and Sheets, Calc offers a relatively robust list of supported functions.
  • And in addition to features like conditional formatting and pivot tables, it has a tool called DataPilot.
  • What we have given you is the list of tools and apps that could easily replace Airtable from your work process and offer you something better in return.
  • This allows you to pull in raw data from databases and repurpose it in your own spreadsheets youtube downlaoder.

EtherCalc can be hosted on your own server and customized to your needs if you possess the technical know-how, or you can install it locally on a computer (though it’s still accessed via your browser). On the surface, there’s a table-like interface, a database of common functions, and a simple no-frills UI from which to work. With a rich library of templates that you can modify, the use case options are surprisingly robust.

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Excel costs $130 for a one time purchase, or $7 a month as part of a Microsoft Office Suite subscription for an individual. Sheets are also better for collaboration, as the program was developed for ease of use and online sharing. Simply, Airtable takes the best aspects of spreadsheets and databases, and puts them together.

Spreadsheet software is defined as a type of computer program that helps a user perform numerical functions and analyze numbers through a computerized version of an accounting worksheet. Although it is a great tool for some types of analysis and storing information, there are software solutions that do the job for you.

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Not everyone uses spreadsheets just for crunching numbers, and that’s where Smartsheet comes in. If you find yourself using spreadsheets to keep track of a project and manage progress reports, for example, Smartsheet is likely your best option. The UI feels more "traditional" than the ribbon-like interface Microsoft has adopted over the past decade or so. You can customize the entire interface to display only the functions you’re interested in, and there’s a full set of keyboard controls for navigating the app quickly.

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You can use a free app such as FolderWasher to remove dot files before creating the zip. The marketing team at a company can use email to send out promotions, updates, and newsletter subscriptions to infinite prospective buyers. We shared an update on our efforts to help small businesses get through this challenging time including: updates on our small business grants program in the US, new digital gift cards for local businesses on Facebook and more. When leadership understands the specific needs of individual teams they can begin to bridge gaps with smarter software and tools that foster growth, ignite communication and collaboration, and drive productivity and performance.